October 4th, 2017

HYDRO 2017 - International Conference on Hydropower & Dams in Seville, Spain

HYDRO 2017 will take place form 9th to 11th October 2017 in Seville, Spain. Lahmeyer International, together with its parent company Tractebel, will present their scope of engineering services in the field of hydropower and dams at booth no. 77.

Lahmeyer’s Energy and Hydropower and Water Resources Division will contribute the following lectures to the conference:



Ralf Bucher, Achim Schreider:
On the pooling of hydro assets and grid-scale battery energy storage systems

Wolfgang Voigt, Ralf Bucher, Jos Menting (Engie Laborelec, Belgien):
Cyber-security in hydro plants: Implementation at a 1 GW pumped-storage scheme

Ralf Bucher:
Digital Substation 2.0: Overview on reference installations up to 400 kV and how to familiarize with the technology


Hydropower and Water Resources
Dr. Rüdiger Siebel:
Development of Pakistan’s hydropower potential through Independent Power Procedures (IPPs) using the example of the 1124 MW Kohala hydro plant

Dr. Jürgen Horn:
Laúca Hydropower Project, Angola: Impounding and Commissioning

Dr. Frank Zöllner, Dr. Yannick Scheid, Musab Mukthar (Dams Implementation Unit, Sudan):
Implementation of the Dam Complex at Upper Atbara, Sudan, in challenging site conditions

Berhon Dibrani:
Impact of Climate Change on Hydropower Generation. Case Study - Two Himalayan Projects (poster presentation and conference paper)




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