November 22nd, 2018

Award for 12 million working hours without a single accident

First-class team performance for 12 million working hours without a single accident: The construction site of the Fadhili combined heat and power plant is progressing rapidly.

The construction project is part of the Fadhili Gas Project in Saudi Arabia. The purpose of the new plant is to supply the Fadhili gas works with steam and water and to feed electricity into the grid. The complex is located 50 km from the rapidly growing Jubail Industrial City in the Arabian Gulf. The gas works will meet a substantial portion of Saudi Arabia’s gas needs and is therefore of strategic importance for the Kingdom.

With five gas turbines, five heat recovery steam generators and two steam turbines, the combined heat and power plant will supply 1,450 t/h of steam and 770 t/h of water to the Fadhili gas works and feed 1,520 MW of electricity into the grid. The main fuel is gas with a low calorific value which is generated as a by-product at the Fadhili gas works. The fuel utilisation rate is 81.1%.

In a ceremony marking this noteworthy achievement the owner paid tribute to “the technical expertise and processes for the project management” of the Lahmeyer team. The experts have done a remarkable job in such a short time and have contributed to innovative and agile project management processes. Lahmeyer Project Manager Bernd Rößner: “Lahmeyer can look back on a large number of successfully implemented infrastructure projects and continual development in the processes. The experience and processes from the Fadhili project will be incorporated in current and future Lahmeyer projects worldwide.”

With a certificate, the client acknowledges Lahmeyer's technical expertise and commitment to twelve million accident-free working hours.

A cake for the celebration.

The Fadhili combined heat and power plant project.


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