November 8th, 2018

“Hessischer Kreis” visits Lahmeyer International

Lahmeyer CEO Martin Seeger, Prof. Dr. Adriano Freire from the EGOS Institute Lisbon and Stefan Quandt, Deputy Executive Board Chairman of the “Hessischer Kreis”, together at the presentation event at Lahmeyer (from left to right).

Lahmeyer International recently invited the friends of the “Hessischer Kreis” to a presentation event held on the evening of 31 October in Bad Vilbel. Martin Seeger, Managing Director of Lahmeyer International, welcomed the 100 or so entrepreneurs and senior managers from companies in the state of Hessen, along with guest speaker Prof. Dr. Adriano Freire, who had travelled from Lisbon. He is President of the EGOS Institute and Professor on The Lisbon MBA – a joint MBA programme offered by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the US and the two leading Portuguese Business Schools.

“How to transform your organisation in a disruptive world” was the topic of his highly interesting talk. The information which presented all about the development and implementation of personality based systems in companies was very well received by the guests. At the end of his talk Prof. Freire presented the EGOS Map, an innovative system for facilitating both business development (strategy, customers, marketing, etc.) and organisational development (leadership, team work, culture, etc.). It has been introduced in multinational companies from a wide range of different sectors, e.g. telecommunications, energy, banking, consulting, construction, tourism, IT, commerce, media, etc., with outstanding results.

The evening was a highlight which opened up new and interesting perspectives for multinational business and organisational development in disruptive times. After the presentation, the Deputy Executive Board Chairman of the “Hessischer Kreis”, Stefan Quandt, who is Chairman of the Supervisory Board at Delton AG, moderated a lively discussion. Prof. Dr. Adriano Freire answered questions from the interested participants, including during networking at the close of the evening.

Lahmeyer CEO Martin Seeger.

Friends of "Hessischer Kreis" in Bad Vilbel.

Prof. Dr. Adriano Freire explains the EGOS map.

Prof. Dr. Adriano Freire of EGOS Institut Lissabon at Lahmeyer.


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